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Brief introduction: Cr20Ni80
Cr20Ni80 alloy is single-phase austenite structure
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Cr20Ni80 (executive standard GB / t1234-2012)

Chemical composition of Cr20Ni80:

*37329 % *38124; *30967 *30827; *38221; *38109 *30899 *38192; *30789 38081;
Cr20Ni80. (a) 20 td> td> 20313;

0.75 td>
(c) 23 0.020 0.015 37327; 0.50 08 0.60 1.6 1.0

Physical properties of Cr20Ni80:

melting point
density 8.4 g/cm3 resistivity(20℃) 1.09 μΩ·m
1374-1420℃  thermal conductivity 15 W/(m·K)

Mechanical properties of Cr20Ni80 alloy in solution state at room temperature:

Alloy state tensile strengthσb (Mpa)


nA5 %

Cr20Ni80 ≥650 ≥25

This alloy has the following properties:

80ni-20cr has high content of nickel and chromium and low content of iron. It has good oxidation resistance, thermal strength and low positive temperature coefficient below 1000 ℃. At room temperature, it has high plasticity, cold stamping and welding properties. The alloy is single-phase austenite after solution treatment, and its structure is stable in use.

Metallographic structure of Cr20Ni80:

Cr20Ni80 alloy is single-phase austenite structure

Cr20Ni80 is applied in the following fields:

1. As a heating element, it is mainly used for periodic heat treatment furnace with temperature below 1000 ℃, such as carburizing furnace, bell jar furnace, ammonia decomposition furnace, etc

2. Electric heating wire for high-grade electric heating pipe and high-grade household electric heater

3. Resistance tape for high quality resistance box

4. It can also be used as high-quality heat-resistant steel structure parts, such as high-temperature mesh belt, burning frame, etc

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Wire, wire, flat strip forming, furnace bar, strip, forging bar, hot rolling bar, cold and hot plate, tube, machining finished product.

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