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Luoyue precision metal (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai, China. It is one of the most professional suppliers of metal materials in China, supplying nearly 1000 kinds of metal materials: brand steel: e-shengbai in Sweden, Hitachi in Japan, Datong in Japan, buele in Japan, Kina tungsten in the United States, acting as the agent of large domestic steel plants TISCO, Baosteel, TISCO, Tanggang, Qinggang, Angang, Bengang, Hangang, Shougang, etc.
Cutting processin
Quenching and Tempering Processing
Technology for heating processing
General steel heat treatment includes the following techniques:
Steel is heated to a temperature higher than its transformation point to form austenite; then the steel is quickly cooled to form martensite. This process increases the hardness and strength of the steel without changing its shape, but the steel becomes more brittle.
Heating the steel again after quenching adds elasticity and toughness, transforming the steel to a structure with high resistance to wear. However, the hardness is slightly reduced when compared with the state after quenching..
This process is used to improve the structure and soften the steel since semi-hard steel, hard steel and alloy steel are difficult to cut due to their hardness.
This process is used to make the structure finer, uniformize carbides and remove residual stresses, thus making the steel easier to cut. Since hardenability also improves, normalizing is sometimes used as a pre-process before quenching.
Quality testing
Inspection Institution
Shanghai Fuda Testing Technology Group Co., LTD. Nanjing Branch
Focus on analysis, testing, testing, r & D four service areas. Analysis fields include component analysis, formula analysis, failure analysis, structure analysis, methodology development and validation, raw material quality control/evaluation, consistency evaluation, feature analysis and other directions; The testing field involves physical and chemical properties testing, toxic and harmful substances testing, flame retardant performance testing, reliability testing and other directions; The testing field involves energy spectrum, electron microscope, spectrum, chromatography, mass spectrometry and other directions; The r&d field involves formula development, formula upgrading, formula customization, cooperative research and development and other directions.
Beijing Zhongke Chemical Technology Research Institute
It is a chemical technology research institution based on scientific research and testing. They adhere to paying equal attention to basic research and applied research, and combining applied research and technology transformation, developing into a comprehensive research institute characterized by "task-oriented disciplines". Approved by the relevant national departments, the company has become a third-party analysis and testing technology service unit, and has obtained CMA qualification certification. It has carried out research and development and design, analysis and testing, test and verification, generic processing, information and intellectual property services, providing public services for innovation of technology-based enterprises. Supported by the government innovation Fund, the institute has been awarded as a national high-tech enterprise.
Inspection Machining
How do you test the composition of a metal? The two most common methods used to determine the chemical composition of an alloy (or any metal) are X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (XRF) and optical emission spectroscopy (OES). XRF is non-destructive, however, OES is more sensitive than XRF to lighter elements.
In the steel export activities, we also need to pack the steel to prevent the steel from being scattered in the transportation process. In the hoisting process, it is necessary to lift the steel. So steel is very necessary in the export process. Below is the picture of packaging According to the requirements of the state of steel materials, the use of binding, bare, frame, pallet.
Packing standard: according to the following national standard requirements (the parts beyond the requirements will be specified separately)
GB/T191packaging-pictorial marking for handling of goods
GB/T4857 (all parts) basic test for transport packages
GB/T4879 rustproof packaging
GB/T5048 damp-proof packing
GB/T7350water-proof packing
GB/T8166 Package cushioning design
GB/T4892-1996 Hard straight square transport packaging size series
GB/T13201-91 Cylinder transport package size series
GB/T16471-1996Design and make the size limit of transport package
Packing mark description: graphics should have a realistic sense; If there are standards for graphic symbols, they shall be used in accordance with relevant standards. The selection of primary color should fully consider the characteristics of the contents, packaging intention; The shape of the main text should consider readability; The descriptive text should be clear and neat, and printed as far as possible; The type and font should meet the requirements of the specification and keep the writing clear and variable for a long time
PAST Examples in packaging:
After-sales Service Letter of Commitment
When the purchase of our products in the warranty period of quality problems, the company provide free maintenance and technical support. After-sales service is not limited by time, we always here listening to user’s feedback and will do timely response. If you have any problems using our products, please feel free to contact us.
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